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1 St. Andrews Building
Hamble Southampton
Hampshire SO31 4JE UK
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Robinson Compass Adjusters, Hamble, Southampton

Compass Adjusters in Hamble, Southampton.

We are the Appointed Compass Adjusters to the Major Yacht Builders, Marinas and Boatyards on the South Coast.
We 'Swing' Yachts of all types, Motor and Sail, from the smaller production yachts to large merchant ships including Royal Navy vessels. To contact us about our services or enquire about antiques please click here
You don't have to own a 100 foot schooner to use our services, most of our clients' yachts are less than 40 feet long. Its not unusual for some owners, when they acquire a new yacht to assume that the compasses aboard will be accurate. Until the yacht has been 'Swung' and the compasses properly adjusted, deviations are normally present which can be considerable & need adjustment.

This is caused by a variety of items such as music speakers, V.H.F. sets, tachometers,engines etc. which can all produce large compass errors that require adjustment. Once properly Swung and Adjusted, your compasses are usually left with very small residual deviations of around one degree, which is recorded on your Deviation Card which every yacht is issued with. Amongst your Yacht's Navigational Items, do you have a 'Compass Deviation Card?'

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